ba 3350 business communication




 Chapter 13—Preparing Résumés and Application Letters




1. Concise Language Adds Punch to a Resume


Interviewers quickly scan a resume in about 40 seconds to learn about a job candidate’s skills, accomplishments, and attributes. Because interviewers spend such a short time reading resumes, the writing must be direct and simple. Victor, a recent college graduate, is applying for a job and has written the following sentences to describe his accomplishments.




I was a receptionist at a doctor’s family medical practice.


My work included taking appointments, filing charts, answering phones, and running errands.




I was a sales person at a hardware store where I worked with selling windows, doors, tools and other customer service.




I eventually became a manager at the hardware store, ordering products and supplies, as well as supervised five employees.




I spent two summers working at the university’s admission office, showing prospective students the campus and answering phones and other clerical duties.




I was a summer camp counselor with kids that have special needs. My responsibilities included handling special activities and providing daily assistance to kids as needed.




Rewrite Victor’s work experience section of his resume so that it is more effective.


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