The subject of indoor air quality and in particular the quality of air in clinic lobby is one of the important ones in the field of building engineering that is in the news and researches over the past few years. Since the quality of the indoor air such as the outdoor air has direct influence on the human’s health, therefore, this subject should be given more attention and requires more study and thinking by every one of us as building engineers.

Building Air Quality refers to policies at EPA (U.S. Environmental Protection Agency) and NIOSH (National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health). It introduced basic problems and impact related to IAQ (Indoor Air Quality), methods of preventing and resolving IAQ problems, and IAQ measurements. Moreover its purpose is to guide owners and facility managers to prevent and resolve indoor air quality problems.

In fact building occupants complaints are increasing about temperature, noise and so forth. IAQ problem is one of the complaints and an significant component for our health. Furthermore, it is not a tough problem to resolve and sometimes it is merely neglected by us. Therefore, it is important to consider and discuss IAQ problems more deeply, and encourage information exchange in owners, occupants and facility managers. Finally, every complaint needs an answer back.

In a large scale building, IAQ is affected by multiple factors. After we try to resolve the problems, we always could not achieve the expected result. Moreover, public and commercial buildings are easy to have varieties of IAQ problems.

The goal of this part of this research paper is to help one to understand IAQ problems and necessary skills to prevent and resolve IAQ problems. Theoretically, an educated facility manager, owner, and even occupant could prevent the problems and resolve problems after they happened. And, the cost and effort to prevent IAQ problems is less than the cost and effort to resolve them when they have happened and been worse. In fact, the methods of preventing and resolving problems are similar in different buildings no matter what kinds of buildings designs and applications.

Understanding IAQ Profile
Skills required to create an IAQ profile are including many aspects such as basic understanding of HVAC system, ability to read architectural and mechanical plans, ability to identify items of office equipment, ability to gather information about space use and work cooperatively with building occupants, and ability to understand the practical meaning of the information contained in the material safety data sheets.

In order to consider an IAQ profile, we should review design construction and operating documents, talk with staff and other occupants, and collect more detailed information. Finally, we could understand whether there are any IAQ problems and develop an IAQ management plan. [1]

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