bio 1 research 1


The article you are summarizing must be on original research performed by the author(s).

Original research is research conducted by the author(s) of the article and is being published

for the first time.

Research articles usually contain 5 sections and may contain subsections. The sections are:

1. Abstract – this is a very brief summary of the paper

2. Introduction – background information and why the research is important

3. Materials and Methods – the procedures used by the researchers

4. Results – the results of the study

5. Discussion – what the results mean and the significance of the study

Some journals use different names for the sections and sometimes arrange them differently.

Each article will have an abstract, which is a summary of the article by the author(s). The

abstract is much shorter than what you need to write.

Review articles cannot be used. Review articles summarize information on a particular topic

using many research articles as sources. Review articles do not contain the sections noted


In addition, the article you summarize must be 9 or more pages in total length, and you may be

asked to provide the article you are summarizing after your summary has been turned in.


Only peer reviewed journals may be used as sources of articles to summarize. Peer reviewed

journals are those which publish scientific articles that have been reviewed by scientists

knowledgeable in the field of study prior to publication.

Examples of journals that can be used: PLOS ONE, Biological Bulletin, Marine Biology,

American Naturalist


Plant Physiology, Auk, Cell, Journal of Experimental Biology – there are

many many additional journals that can be used

Examples of magazines that cannot be used: National Geographic, Discover, Scientific

American, Popular Science, Science News, American Scientist, anything published by the

BBC, and more – popular science publications (such as those listed above) are not peer

reviewed journals

Format and length


Double spaced, except for the article citation


12 point font, 1 inch margins, 1 to 2 pages


Use .doc, .docx, or .odt file formats


No title page


The top of the first page should be the citation of the article under review


Citations should be written as a bibliographic reference:

Author(s). Year. Title. Journal Volume: page numbers.


Nimoy, L and Kelley, D. 1967. Reproduction rate of tribbles varies with food

intake. Vulcan Journal of Biology 2: 15-29.

Biological Discovery extra credit



After the citation, double space then your name


After your name, double space then your review

I do not grade by length or weight. A well written summary that is 3/4 of a page will be better

received than a poorly written summary that is 2 full pages.

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