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So here is what you need to do:

As of right now, you are only required to submit ONE paper as your final course paper to cover both the documentary paper and the final course paper. It will basically be a longer reflection paper on the documentary. For this final paper, you will be writing a 5-7pages ( NOT including references page) reflection paper on the different themes, topics, issues and concepts that we have learned and discussed in this course in the light of the documentary “Black Women in Medicine”. Therefore, you are no longer required to submit a separate final course paper.

The “Back Women in Medicine” documentary honors black female doctors around the country who work diligently in all facets of medicine through featuring a cross-section of black female pioneers in medicine and healthcare. The documentary speaks to several issues that we have been discussing together in class and through the modules’ readings. Although the documentary focuses on black women’s experiences within the medical field, it actually sheds the light upon a lot more than that. Issues like access of underrepresented minorities to the health professions education, affirmative action, racism and sexism in the health profession, challenges that underrepresented minority students face, implicit bias, mentorship, role modeling…. etc are some of the topics that have been discussed in this documentary. The speakers also discuss some of the policies and strategies that can be used to increase diversity in the health profession and the reason why diversity of the health professionals force can be important for our patients and students. Although the documentary might not have addressed directly some of our class topics (ex: cultural competency), you can still make these connections. I would love to see you apply what we have learned in this course as your own interpretation of what has been discussed in the documentary and to present your own vision of what can be done.

You are required to address at least 3 of the main themes that were discussed in the course modules in your paper (see below). The evidence used in this paper should be grounded in readings, literature, reflection, and discussions from, but not limited to, this course. The paper must examine at least 8 peer-reviewed empirical articles related to the issue that we have used in class (you can use the class readings). This paper should reflect on the intersection between literature with current higher education and the health profession education diversity and equity issue(s) being proposed. Referencing (APA format) the readings that have helped you with your discussion and reaching your conclusions is an essential part of this assignment.

Course Modules Themes that you need to address in your paper (use at least 3):

  • Module 1:Theories and perspectives on diversity and equity
  • Module 2: The role of identity and diversity
  • Module 3: Privilege, Power and Discrimination
  • Module 4: Diversity and equity in the educational pipeline: From K-12 to Medical School…Where did we go wrong?
  • Module 5: Medical education and interrupting the usual
  • Module 6: Cultural competence and its role in the health profession education and minimizing health disparities
  • Module 7: Diversity in the health profession: Medical practice and working across differences

Link to the documentary:

You can use some of the following questions to help you as you write your reflection paper on this documentary:

  • What were your reactions to this documentary?
  • How are the readings from our class, in-class discussion, videos…etc connected to what has been discussed in this documentary?
  • What are the theoretical frameworks or concepts in our modules that can be related to what has been discussed in this documentary? How can these frameworks explain the speakers’ experiences?
  • Are any of the experiences of the women in the video relatable to what you have seen in your education and career as a health professional? How so?
  • Do you think it is different now in the health profession than what has been described in the documentary or are some of the experiences still relevant? How far along have we become since this documentary?
  • What role can our personal identities and professional identities play in improving our encounters with our patients and health professional colleagues?
  • How did this documentary change or confirm your view on diversity and equity issues in the health profession?
  • Do you think diversity is important in the health professional force? Why or why not?
  • What are certain measures or policies that you think can help increase diversity in the health professional force?
  • What are some of the implications for your conclusions in the health professions education and practice? What are some implications in your workplace?
  • What is our role as health professional educators? What are some of the strategies that we can use with our students and in our institutions?
  • What is the role of leadership in improving diversity and dealing with diversity and equity issues in their institutions?
  • Why are cultural competency training and cultural humility important? How can it affect the quality of medical care?
  • What are some of the lessons that you have learned in this course and/or from the documentary?
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