book review 148

Book Review

The name of the book: Lem, Stanislaw. Memoirs Found in a Bathtub.

Each student must submit a book review. The review must be on one of the two books listed above, but the choice is up to you. This review will be combined with several other assignments that will aid in the review. The review must be 500 words in length. At the top of the review, there should be a correct bibliographic citation as to which book you are reviewing.

For this class, the book review will be comprised of three sections. The first section is the introduction where you will discuss in a paragraph what book you are reviewing, what the subject is, etc.

The second section contains a brief summary of the book. For several paragraphs, give a brief description of what the book is about: who, what, where, when and how. Also, what was the major point the author was trying to get across? The third section is the conclusion where in a paragraph you will sum up what you have looked at. If you have any opinion on the book, this would be an appropriate place to write it.

Again, each review must be 500 words in length, typed, double-spaced with standard (1” or 1.5”) margins. No large fonts please. A size 11 or 12 font will do nicely. Please avoid fancy fonts. Number your pages. Write in good, correct English, do not use slang or try to use “high fallutin” language. Proofread carefully. If yur papper is knot redable than I won’t be able to understnat you. Do not rely on “spell checker” to proofread your work for you. If you use “two” instead of “to”, the spell checker may not notice it, but I will.

Try to avoid quoting the author. If you must quote something from the book, do not try to pad your paper with long quotes, and do not expect a quote to “speak for itself” as they never do. Explain and discuss all your quotes. Citations: when giving examples from the book, cite the page they come from in parentheses.

The due date for the review depends on which book you are reviewing. Write your paper with plenty of time to spare to avoid problems. You will NOT have to hand in a rough draft, but you may choose to do so and I will be happy to read it and suggest improvements. Grading will be based on both content and style.

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