book review essay black on the block

The book review essay is on Black on the Block: The Politics of Race and Class in the City .Students are required to answer

the four prompts below. Answers should be two to three pages (double space,12-point font, 1-inch margins). MLA or APA formats 1are acceptable.


1.Relation between middle-class and low-income black residents: What motivated middle-class African Americans move into North Kenwood-Oakland? How did the new middle class perceive their relation to low-income black residents of this neighborhood?

How did race and class shape perceptions?

2. Black middle class as brokers: What does the author mean by brokers? What are the specific qualities that have

allowed the black middle class to assume this brokering role? How did this brokering role contribute to opening up investments and capital into North Kenwood-Oakland?


Changing services and infrastructure: Describe how public education in North Kenwood-Oakland change during the period

under question. How did the black middle class play a role in this process? How did these changes contribute to the further gentrification of the area?


Race, class and gentrification:

If the gentrifiers in this book were of another race (e.g. white), how might their relation to low-income North Kenwood-Oakland residents and their engagement in the neighborhood change? In other words, how does race matter in the process of gentrification?

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