Brand Equity What is your opinion of the brand equity for REI and its competitive positioning in the marketplace? What competitive factors are in play for REI?

REI brand equity is a good strategy towards increasing sales and competition in the market place. Brand equity of REI is making it unique in the competitive market.. REI’S brand equity can be calculated by their use of REI adventure tips, private label gear and member co-op. REI’s have more than 3 million active members and customers who pay $15 to join the long life membership. This membership gives a customer a refund on all the things heshe has brought at the end of the year including special discounts throughout the given year. Sport chalet offers a loyalty card but it only refunds 5% of the purchase made that given year and it does not offer special sales dates. REI Also displays its brand equity through commitment to providing high quality products for the wide range of interest. REI puts together the needs for outside sports enthusiast in one store, avoiding the need to visit a bicycle store or a camping store. REI provides large selection of athletic gear and survival products for its current customers and future customers. It also offers easy and internet shopping from, REI-OUTLET and offering in-store kiosks.

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