Brand v. Strategy? In your last week’s discussions, you noted a company or two that obviously made a connection with you for one reason or another! Do consumers buy products because of some unconscious trigger? Are consumers irrational or are they connected by the firm’s brand or their strategy in promoting?

Consumers are not irrational in buying a product.They choose the product because of many reasons that can be attributed to it.

1.First majority of the consumers are definitely brand conscious and therefore connected by the firms brand.

2.They must be familiar with the best quality the brand offers for products. That is another reason for them choosing the brand.

3.The brand recognition by the public gives a special pride to the person who wears it.

4.Extra offers provided by the particular brand attracts the customers more during the seasonal offers.

5.Though expensive, products with good brand recognition are long lasting.

6.Only very few and notable products go in for unconscious trigger of buying it.otherwise people are very conscious about what they buy.

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