buiness communication letter

You are to write a business letter following the FBLA-PBL Format Guide.


Don and Mary Smith live in Missoula, Montana. They were in the process of updating their home with new

windows and exterior doors. They had visited local lumber and hardware stores and found many unique and

beautiful products. Don’s friend, John, who is a carpenter in the Chicago area, wanted to spend a couple of

weeks with the Smiths and go hiking in the Montana mountains. In return for the Smith’ s hospitality and

because they were such good friends, John offered to install the windows and doors, free of charge, prior to

returning to his work. They were ecstatic because John was a highly-sought-after carpenter because of his

meticulous attention to detail in home remodeling

John directed them to order the windows and doors at the local lumber store in Missoula. During the first week

the store. They gave the information to the receptionist. The order was place g 2 customer service from the

in May, they visited the ABC Lumber Store. They received excellent assistance and customer service from the

employees. An additional measurement of the dining room window was necessary prior to placing the final

order. Therefore, Don and Mary went home, made the additional measurements, and called the dimensions to

The doors and windows arrived at the ABC Lumber store on June 1, just in time for John s arrival to montana by

June 10. The products were delivered to the Smiths home. John began the installation of the doors and

windows; they were beautiful and certainly accentuated the view of the mountains from their living room. The

instal Went quickly; John had enjoyed his time hiking in the mountains-there was just one last window to be

lled prior to his departure.

When the dining room window was unpacked, John was disappointed-the size was wrong! The correct size

was 7.5’x5. The window in the crate was 10 inches too wide! Don and Mary knew that a custom-size

window cannot be returned; however, John assured them that the opening could be made larger with additional

bracing for the window. The problem was that he must leave to return to work in Chicago. They would need

contact another local contractor to finish the project.

hey hired a new contractor, and after considerable time and energy was expended, the new window was in

place. The installation bill for the new window was $698. Don and Mary were disappointed with the scenario

because they had kept the note on which they had measured the proper dimensions and from which they had

alled the ABC Lumber store. They were confident they had ordered the correct size. This $698 of additional

expense had NOT been planned! They decided to submit the contractor bill of $698 to the general manager of

the ABC Lumber store with a letter of explanation.


As General Manager of the ABC Lumber Store you must decide to either grant the claim or refuse the claim. You

know that Don and Mary have been excellent customers over the years. In further investigation, you find that

during the first week of May, ABC was training two new receptionists. They may have made an error. You

should have confirmed this information, and you did not. Write a letter to Don and Mary Smith, 1026 Mountain

View Drive, Missoula, MT 55555, with your explanation. Remind them of the excellent reputation that ABC

Lumber has in the lumber industry as part of your answer. Please include any additional information that may

be necessary to complete this communication.

Front size: 11

one page in word.

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