The research report will be based on quantitative data, but it is important to consider any qualitative aspects of the case that may have an effect on the outcome, as qualitative data often supports quantitative data and provides a more complete picture for the researcher. In this journal, you will have the opportunity to explore the role of the qualitative aspects in your research before analyzing the quantitative data you will use to address your business problem.

Based on the information provided in the case study Maruti Suzuki India: Defending Market Leadership in the A-Segment, identify the data provided in the case study that is qualitative in nature and can be used to help answer your research question. Select one or two tables of qualitative data and describe how it will support answering the research question. Be specific; describe the data you plan to use (i.e. , reference the table number and title) and how it may help you to develop a research design (Milestone Two).

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