business statistics discussion 5

Topic 1: What’s Your Frequency?! Describing Data with Numbers and Graphs

Main Post: Visit the dataset link to view the datasets that accompany our textbook. Review the dataset titles and select a data set of interest to you. (Note: You may need to use more than one data set to complete this Discussion.) See Example and the DB starter video in the Unit 1 LiveBinder.

  1. State the dataset that you selected. For each variable in your data, identify it as either qualitative or quantitative. (If your dataset does not have both types of variables, please pick an additional dataset to share at least one qualitative and one quantitative variable.)
  2. Select one of your quantitative variables and determine whether it is discrete or continuous. (Please do not select the same variable as a classmate.)
  3. For that same variable create a frequency distribution table including frequency, relative frequency and cumulative relative frequency. Copy and paste the table directly into your discussion post or attach it as a separate file.
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