Capstone Project – Objectives And Strategies ONLY

View article, Developing Program Goals and Measurable Objectives.
List my mission and vision statement. Which is;
Vision Statement Our vision is to improve the health of every child in the community for a better future.
Mission Statement Our mission is to enhance the health conditions of special needs children through providing the best medical care, safe, affordable high-quality child care to where children are encouraged to grow at their own pace and which will benefit the child, the parent, the staff and the community.

2. Create at least two project objectives that have a measurable component. Example of a program objective: “Successfully launch 3 new products in the next 2 years.”

3. Create a timeline for each project objective. Include the month and year of completion for each item. Example, “By December…” or “In the 2018 Fiscal year…

4. Create at least one program strategy statement to accompany each project objective that you create. Think: How will the project reach its objective?

5. In each statement, include specific details about who will complete each objective and how. Example of a program strategy statement: “Marketing and research will launch one new product each six month for trial”. You may choose to even get more in depth with specific names of your personnel if you know those details.

Include References

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