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One of the core concepts of Transpersonal Caring Science Theory is : Reflective/meditative approach. This method/practice increases consciousness and presence to the humanitarian of self and others (Cara, 2003).

In this activity you the student will practice “understanding the patient/client/family as a person: Inviting story: * Tell me about yourself, your life experiences, your feelings, your bodily sensations, your goals and expectations, your culture, your meanings etc., so I may honor you and your healing pathways.

In this activity the student will practice “understanding patient/client’s health needs through objective, subjective, & intersubjective lens:* Tell me about your health? What is it like to be in your situation? Tell me how you perceive yourself? What you are your heath priorities? What is the most important thing I can do for you? What is most important thing you need right now?

Assignment Directions Please write a letter, minimum of 500 words to a child in a pediatric hospital. The intent of this letter is to reach out to this small human and make a friend. Tell them who you are? What you do? What you like? Why you want to be a nurse? What you like doing with your free time? Tell them what it is like for you at the moment regarding COVID-19. Ask them about themselves? Why they are there? How old they are?

The goal of this assignment is to make new connections. To bring the message of connectivity, specially during this time of physical isolation. Be tender in your words. Be authentic in your story, and questions. Please be mindful that you are writing to children, so use simple language they can understand or ask an adult about.

Please save as a PDF only and submit!



My name is Mitzy Flores. I live in Las Vegas, Nevada, and I am a nurse. I am also a mommy. I have two children. They are older, but sometimes act really silly and they forget how old they really are. I like them alot. I am writing to you because I was feeling a little lonely, and wanted to make new friends. Sometimes, it is really hard for me not to be in the hospital. Silly thing uhh? I am sure you don’t like being in the hospital. But I like being at the hospital because I get to meet some very special people, like you, super heroes! I miss that, that is why I am writing to you. I want you to tell me everything about you! Do you have any brothers or sisters? I don’t. I am an only child. What are they like? Do you have pets? I have a two dogs. I have an old doggy who is 11 years old. His name is Napoleon, but we call him Nappy. We named him that because his tail looks like a flag waving in the air. He is a funny little dog, he has a little pop-belly. He has that because he a disease and makes his belly grow. I have to give him injections two times a day so he feels good. For the most part he is a very happy doggy. Nappy, has a dog sister. She is about 10 times his size. She is a blue-nose pit pull. She is a very beautiful dog, her name is Athena. We named her that because she is grey and has grey/blue eyes. She really does look like a goddess. She is a sweet dog, but a lot of people are afraid of her because she looks different and maybe scary. But, when people take the time to learn about her, they learn she is a service dog. She helps children feel better. Want to know what my most favorite thing is aside from my awesome doggies? Plants! I love plants! I have so many of them. All different shapes and sizes. I like to grow them and if its the right plant, I like to add it to my cooking? What is your favorite food? Mine is sushi! Yup, I like eating raw fish…. yummy!

Ok, I think that I asked you alot of questions! I hope you can write back to me. I would like that very much. I am sending you a few pictures of my doggies, and me. Even if you don’t write back to me, I just want to tell you that there are alot of people sending you much love. I hope you have a beautiful day today. I cant wait to meet the super hero that is you!

See you later,


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