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AJ 2 Case Citation Assignment

All work must be typed in 12 point font, double spaced with 1” margins. Assignments not properly formatted will receive a deduction in overall points. Any assignment requiring any type of research or references (other than the textbook or noted by the instructor) must be completed in APA style (BUT, DO NOT include a Title Page or Abstract—-just cite any references per APA style and include a “References” page per APA style). I have found and to be helpful websites.

Using the “general” formatting directions in the syllabus, create a properly formatted document and complete the following assignment:

-Read the two case citation documents attached.

-Then use the Georgetown University link. ( Georgetown University Case Citation Explanation Links to an external site. )

-Review what a United States Supreme Court “Official Reporter” case citation and description consists of (as described in both case citation documents and the Georgetown University link).

-Then, search the Internet and find five (5) USSC “Official Reporter” cases ONLY—There are many different types of “Reporters” as you will see in the documents and in the link. Only use the USSC “Official Reporter”—if you use a different “Reporter” you will not receive credit.

Type out each of the five cases (as shown in the description on Georgetown University and the other two case citation documents that are attached) AND provide a ONE SENTENCE description of what each of the five CASE CITATIONS mean—-exactly as described in the sample documents. DO NOT describe what the “case” is about—-you should be describing what the “case citation” means or describes.

The following is similar to what each of your five (5) case citations should look like:

Brown v. Board of Education of Topeka, 347 U.S. 483 (1954)

The citation above indicates that a case called Brown versus Board of Education of Topeka was decided in 1954 and can be found in Volume 347 of United States Reports, beginning on page 483.

You may NOT use any of the case citations in the Georgetown link or other documents under “Supplemental Material.

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