case study 2184

Assignment Overview

Using the information in the Procter and Gamble: When Change is not Always Transformative case posted to Blackboard and any additional course materials; answer all elements of the following topic areas completely. The paper should be written from a position of case facts and course material. Students should avoid excessive use of personal opinion and focus on linking course concepts to the real-world situation in the case.

Assignment Objectives

This assignment focuses on your understanding of change management. You will work on analyzing and implementing choices related to a situation that deals with organizational change. In doing this, you are expected to consider the theoretical foundations associated with the case and to use the frames identified in this course to analyze your choices and dilemmas. You will also be required to prepare a well-constructed recommendation(s) from a leadership perspective. Using lecture materials, readings, and the various discussions you have had with classmates and the instructor, you will use change theories and practices to explain how leadership impacts on the assigned case.

Assignment Considerations

Read the case titled, “Procter and Gamble: When Change is not Always Transformative,” focusing on the role of leadership in affecting change at Proctor & Gamble. You are also asked to:

  • Use the information in our text, the journal readings, and your general understanding of the four frames discussed by our textbook’s authors, to identify which frames had the greatest impact on the company.
  • Describe how the organizational frames helped guide you in determining where-when-how to affect the necessary solutions or changes?
  • Explain how change theory (such a Lewin’s or other theorists that deal with the stages of organizational change) help us design and implement strategies for transformation.
  • You may need to conduct some additional research about the company to support your position.
  • Assignment Required Components

    1. What are the critical issues in this case? Answers should be grounded in course concepts and critical facts. Opinions should be supported with references.

    2. How do our readings and /or discussions, during the first half of this course, support your thoughts on the critical issues associated with this case? This is your opportunity to convey your understanding of the course concepts.

    3. Why did P&G’s first transformation fail? Answers should go beyond simply restating details from the case and provide supporting viewpoints from course perspectives.

    4. Why did George Lafley’s changes succeed? Did his leadership have anything to do with the company’s success? Again here, answers should go beyond restating details from the case.

    5. What leadership models do you value and identify with and how would they support you in affecting change at P&G? Leadership models should be supported with references and citations. 6. What strengths do you have that would help facilitate your desired changes as a leader of the company? Answers here should clearly relate specific leadership strengths to the situation at P&G.

    The entire case analysis can be effectively addressed in between five (5) to six (6) pages. Make sure to carefully review the Grading & Evaluation Standards sections of the course syllabus. It is critical that you follow the guidelines as outlined in these sections. Be sure your paper is supported by concepts and references from textbook and relevant materials. APA format.

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