Case Study Analysis On Costco Wholesale


Costco is one of the biggest warehouse stores in America apart from Walmart. Costco warehouse was founded in 1983 in Seattle by Jeffrey Brotman and Jim Sinegal. It was during this time that Jeffrey Brotman had started a small shop of men’s clothing but had flopped later on while Jim Sinegal was working for fed mart at the time. Jeffrey approached JimSinegal with the idea of opening a warehouse store in Seattle and they both had agreed upon a start up warehouse club in which result became Costco. During this time Costco was conceived to be more than a business company, but a mission thus is the mantra of “Do the right thing always”. Both Jeffrey and Sinegal divided their roles to smoothen out their work and be able to operate clearly and more focused. Sinegal became the merchandising, operational leader and the face of the company as the CEO until his retirement in 2011. Broman’s roles included selection of store sites and competitive strategist. It was during October 1993 that Costco merged with price club. The company was then able to establish its routes further outside the country into the world.
To this day, Costco has valued itself as being a discount based company wholesale where they sell their products cheaper (in bulk for consumers) to make a faster turnover of commodities. To make this possible, Costco has gone ahead and marked some strategic external environments that might hinder their visions. The external forces may include political, technological factors, social factors, economic factors, and lastly environment. These factors have all been considered by Costco by partnering with the government and making sure they adhere to the rules and regulations required by the law. Costco is a major third-largest warehouse store that has gone ahead fashioned in working with the best mins in the job of technology experts and buying the latest technology to go with the latest models. Social factors have a significant impact on how stores run their shops by studying the population of where you are going to set up shop to show that you can account the people’s needs and what kind of products you need to focus on giving discounts which Costco has keenly observed. Environmental factor includes land law, climate of the place affect how business will run and so far Costco has established a clean sheet of being the best in the industry by engaging research on lands laws and regulation that can safeguard their work.
Costco strength and weakness
Strength weakness.
Stiff market availability competition with retail store
Expansive supply chainanimal rights trends
Strong brand signature online competition
Diversification exclusive to membership
Expansion of products low-profit margins
Expansion of locations limited product margins
Costco SWOT analysis
Like all retail st
Costco corporate level strategy
Analyzing Costco business-level strategy.
Costco structure and organizational structure

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