Case study for Sustainable Business Operations

BA 314 Case Study Grading Rubric

100 points total

1. Narrative is Within Guidelines for Written Presentation (i.e.- Single Spaced, at least 1500 words, Word Count included) (5 points)
1. Grammar, Clarity and Sentence Structure (Narrative has been edited by author and is consistent in tense and person) (10 points)
1. Demonstrated understanding of course concepts and materials      (10 points)
1. Introduction (Clearly states the subject, scope of the paper, and the theme)

(5 points)

1. Demonstrated ability to analyze and synthesize course concepts and materials

(15 points)

1. Summary of the Paper (Concise but articulate summary that covers the main points of the paper or the main conclusions) (5 points)
1. Originality of thought and creativity in analysis and problem solution. (15 points)
1. Clarity and effectiveness of data presentation and analysis. (10 points)
1. Overall effectiveness and creativity of the narrative and analysis on the case solution. (25 points)

BA 314 Case Study Instructions

1. Read through the case study and thoroughly analyze any business decisions that need to be considered in the case.

2. Present any data analysis or collection in an Excel Spreadsheet. (Attach Excel File in Canvas.)

3. In a narrative format, answer the five questions at the end of Case Study. Attach Word file in Canvas submission.

4. See the attached Case Study Rubric for grading criteria and format details.

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