cc001 engages families and communities

This Assessment requires submission of two (2) documents and one PowerPoint presentation. Part I and Part III are Word documents and Part II is a PowerPoint. Save these files as CC001_Part I_firstinitial_lastname (for example, CR001_J_Smith); CC001_Part II_firstinitial_lastname; and CC001_PartIII_firstinitial_lastname. W

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Access the following to complete this Assessment:

  • Video: Parent-teacher interaction at pick-up time
  • Video: Interviews with colleagues about parent involvement
  • Document: Little Steps Newsletter
  • Document: Transcription from a home visit
  • Website: The Head Start Parent, Family, and Community Engagement Framework
  • Website: The NAEYC Principles of Effective Practice

This assessment has three-parts. Click each of the items below to complete this assessment.

Part I: Family and Community Engagement Analysis

Imagine you are walking down the hallway one day and encounter one of the kindergarten teachers, Ms. Shannon, speaking with a parent during pick-up time, as shown in this video. Many families have expressed concerns about the activities that their children partake in while they are at Little Steps Early Childhood Care Center. These parents say that their children seem to be playing a lot more than learning. Imagine the early childhood professionals interviewed in this video are your colleagues at Little Steps Early Childhood Care Center. This video shows how they have responded to the families’ concerns.

Using the information from the videos, the Little Steps Newsletter, and the transcription from a home visit, write a three-page response that describes how the center’s policies and practices either align with or need improvement in order to align with the NAEYC Principles of Effective Practice Website.

Part II: Family Engagement Presentation

The next Parent-Teacher Association meeting will be focused on educating families about activities that will enhance their children’s learning outside of the early childhood care center. Create a 10- to 12-slide PowerPoint presentation that includes the following:

  1. Five specific examples of developmentally appropriate learning activities for use within the home and community. Include a rationale in the notes section of your PowerPoint for each of the specific activities you describe.
  2. Two slides describing community resources the families in the community could access to promote the healthy development and learning of their children. Describe each community resource and explain how it can support the families in fostering healthy child development and learning.

Part III: Recommendations for Improving Family and Community Engagement

In a three- to five-page response, describe at least three culturally responsive strategies that Little Steps Early Childhood Care Center can implement to engage families and communities. In your response, explain how utilizing The Head Start Parent, Family, and Community Engagement Framework, and NAEYC Principles of Effective Practice, can foster family and community engagement.

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