Ch. 1: Carnival Cruise Lines

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Ch. 1: Carnival Cruise Lines

You and your team have chosen a “Closing Case” from the text. For your Exam 1 take-home essay, write a 3-paragraph essay following these instructions carefully.

1. In the first paragraph, write a brief synopsis (summary) of the case, including enough details to demonstrate a thorough reading.

2. In the second paragraph, write about what particular parts of the case struck you. What did you find particularly interesting and why. Explain yourself and show your thinking process.

3. In the third and final paragraph, write about the questions that you have after reading the case. What other information would you like to know? What was not clear to you, perhaps, or what do you wonder about the topic itself. Let your mind wander. Most important, however, flesh out your questions and show your thinking process.


· 650-750 words;

· One page limit, single spaced;

· 1” margins’11-pt. Times New Roman font;

· Indent each paragraph (at least 7-10 spaces); do not leave lines between paragraphs;

· Write the title of the case at the top of the page;

· Do not, however, write your name, my name, the course name or ANY identifying information at the top of the page.

Grading Template for Exam 1 Take-Home Essay

Component MAX Points
Following directions 5
Paragraph 1 (summary) 10
Paragraph 2 (What struck you, what piqued your interest. Show me your thinking process) 15
Paragraph 3 (What questions do you have after reading the case. Do not list questions. Show me your thinking process. 15
Effectiveness of essay (reflects critical thinking & analytical skills; reads well) 5

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