Chemicals, Inc. is a petroleum manufacturing plant located in the Middle East. It has been in existence over the past 15 years. They are currently working on their strategic plans for the year 2016 to 2021. The growth of export petroleum sales over the past couple of years has been good, but the sales could grow even more, if the planned high-tech oil refinery is built near the city where Chemicals, Inc. is located. Chemicals, Inc, is considering three strategies. First is to increase its current production operations, the second is to move closer to the proposed new oil refinery and the third is to do nothing. Strong growth as a result of the presence of the new oil refinery has a 55 percent probability and moving closer to it, would give annual returns of $390,000 per year. Weak growth however, would mean annual returns of $230,000. If nothing was done in the first year of 2015, and strong growth occurred, the strategy to increase its current production would be reconsidered. Strong growth with an increased production would give annual returns of $380,000 per year. Weak growth however would mean annual returns of $200,000. With no changes, there would be returns of $340,000 per year if there is strong growth and $210,000 per year if growth is weak. Increasing production will cost $ 174,000 and moving to a location closer to the refinery will cost $ 420,000. If growth is strong and the production is increased during the second year, the cost would also be $174,000. The cost to operate are the same for all strategies. Your group has been hired as a consultant by Chemicals. Inc. Construct a decision tree and advise Chemicals. Inc. on their best strategy to maximize their revenue.

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