chicano lit mexico and the southwest 1810 1910

1. The Spanish experience in the borderlands differed from that in Central Mexico in that:

2. Late eighteenth-century “free trade” included

3. Unlike the Habsburgs, the Bourbons promised to:

4. Creoles resented Bourbon reforms since they:

5. Which is NOT a reason the Jesuits were expelled:

6. The establishment of intendancies resulted in:

7. Arrange by order of status, highest first:

8. Which factors led to increased Indian rebellion in the latter part of the colonial period:

9. African slaves were NOT widely employed in:

10. Both Hidalgo and Morelos served as ________ before 1810

11. Spaniards in Mexico deposed Iturrigaray because they were afraid he would:

12. Hidalgo’s first major defeat was at:

13. Morelos errored in:

14. The 1812 Spanish Constitution provided for:

15. The Plan of Iguala provided for:

16. The Treaty of Córdoba:

17. Most priests:

18. The sector hardest hit by the insurrection was:

19. All of the following were part of the Bourbon Reforms except:

20. The Comandancia General of the Interior Provinces did what?

21. Peninsulares were:

22. Criollos were:

23. Mestizos were:

24. The area now known as the U.S. Southwest and Mexico was originally called by the Spaniards:

25. All of the following were reasons that the Spaniards were unable to settle large numbers of people in Northern New Spain except:

26. All of the following countries threatened Spain’s American colonies expect:

27. Spain’s worst enemy during the latter part of the colonial period was:

28. All of the following were Bourbon Reforms except:

29. The Bourbon Reforms included:

30. The Manila Galleons sailed from:

31. Missions were:

32. Presidios were:

33. The missions were run by the:

34. The presidios were run by the:

35. The Enlightenment was:

36. Which of the following is not a hero of Mexican Independence?

Charles IV

37. Mexico finally gained its independence from Spain in:

38. All of the following led to Mexico’s independence from Spain except:

39. What is the name of the army that led to Mexico’s independence?

40. Missions were built in California During what time period?

41. Mexico celebrates its independence from Spain on …

42. In 1810, Mexico had been under Spanish rule for …

43. On the night of September 15th, Father Miguel Hidalgo began the Mexican War for Independence with …

44. Who was the Spanish officer who helped Father Hidalgo to fight the Spanish?

45. Father Hidalgo’s peasant army marched from Dolores, Hidalgo towards …

46. The rebel army leaders continued to battle against Spain for …

47. Who is known as the Father of Mexican Independence?

48. All of the following are the principles of the Army of the Three Guarantees except:

49. What important event took place on September 16, which today is Mexican Independence Day?

50. Who consummated the independence of Mexico

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