Chronic Heart Failure

Task Description

First, choose a chronic condition from the list below – that your assignment will be based on (note that these have specific chapters in the prescribed textbook):

Chronic Heart Failure

Coronary Heart Disease
• Depression
• Stroke
For the purpose of this assignment, you are the nurse educator for a nursing unit that specialises in the chronic illness you have chosen. You have been asked by your Nurse Unit Manager to prepare a poster that identifies and makes recommendations on available electronic health resources for both people with your chosen illness and health professionals who work in the field. Electronic resources may include but are not limited to websites or mobile apps.

What you need to do:

1) Prepare an electronic poster using a single (1) PowerPoint that provides the following:

o An overview of the disability/condition
o An overview of the risk/protective factors for the condition
o An overview of strategies for promoting health and wellness in people with

the condition
o Recommended electronic resources for health professionals and

consumers (x 1 each) including details of how to access each resource o Referencelist

2) Following completion of the poster, use the narration (or Insert Audio) function within PowerPoint to record a critique of each electronic resource listed on your poster.

The critique should explain why it is recommended and consider: AND MUST BE WRITTEN IN SEPERATE PAGE INSTEAD OF RECORDING AUDIO …..

o Who is the most appropriate user of the resource(targetpopulation)?

o Apparent benefits of and limitations to the resource?

o What will the user gain from accessing the resource?


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