Clinical Community Health

Clinical Community Health
Clinical Community Health Paper (Healthy People 2020 paper). TOPIC: Mental illness-Postpartum Depression 2. Do a review of the scholarly literature on your selected topic. This research will serve as a basis for your paper. 3. Using the literature review and your other general sources, the following points are to be included in your paper, please see the grading rubric for further clarification. Etiology and the effect of the problem on public health. Aggregate Risk: A description of the aggregate at risk and the extent and effect of the problem. How many people are affected? Economics: Examine the impact of economics within the health care system. Healthcare Issues: What are the healthcare issues regarding your topic in relation to the political arena. Culture, Legal and Ethical Issues: Include information on the culture of the population and any legal or ethical issues? Community Resources: A description of specific community programs or resources (local, state or national) that target your issue. Level of Prevention: Identify the level of prevention each of these specific community programs are directed. Wellness Plan: Identify and discuss a health promotion and wellness plan of care for your specific population using the nursing process. Nursing Theorist: Nursing theorist is identified, discussed and works well with health promotion or wellness plan of care. Style Requirements: Type this paper with the text or body being 5 pages in length. Use a minimum of five articles published within the last five years. Other general sources and internet sources are appropriate as additional references.

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