cloud computing portfolio project


For this project, select an organization that has leveraged Cloud Computing technologies in an attempt to improve profitability or to give them a competitive advantage. Research the organization to understand the challenges that they faced and how they intended to use Cloud Computing to overcome their challenges. The paper should include the following sections each called out with a header.

• Company Overview: The section should include the company name, the industry they are in and a general overview of the organization.
• Challenges: Discuss the challenges the organization had that limited their profitability and/or competitiveness and how they planned to leverage Cloud Computing to overcome their challenges.
• Solution: Describe the organization’s Cloud Computing implementation and the benefits they realized from the implementation. What was the result of implementing Cloud Computing? Did they meet their objectives for fall short?
• Conclusion: Summarize the most important ideas from the paper and also make recommendations or how they might have achieved even greater success.


– Evidence of copying from other papers or not properly citing sources could result in a score of zero.

– The paper must adhere to APA guidelines including Title and Reference pages.
– There should be at least three scholarly sources listed on the reference page. Each source should be cited in the body of the paper to give credit where due.
– Per APA, the paper should use a 12-point Time New Roman font, should be double spaced throughout, and the first sentence of each paragraph should be indented .5 inches. The body of the paper should be 3 – 5 pages in length. The Title and Reference pages do not count towards the page count requirements.



Other useful tips from previously submitted assignment: Following 3 feedbacks are from 3 different previous assignments where this instructor deducted marks. So, implementing this would be critical in getting good grades:

– Try to use headings to break up ideas. Remember the headings in APA are left justified for the first level Use a grammar checker like to prevent improper sentences and unnecessary words like “as stated before”. APA headings should be left-justified, bold, times new roman 12 point for the first level, capitalize the first letter of each word.

– The only thing I would ask you to improve is to use APA format headings to break up separate ideas.

– Try to remember that paragraphs are typically 3 to 5 sentences.

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