Loss of life of a family member and losing a home could be some of the spiritual issues that may arise during disasters. In a disaster, the potential for survival and the availability of resources are the primary criteria used to determine which clients receive immediate treatment (Maurer & Smith, 2009). For the Nurses and Doctors doing triage after a major disaster can be devastating. They must make life and death decisions and they might feel guilty and ashamed The Community nurse can provide spiritual care by listening without judgment. Not only are individuals affected physically and emotionally by a disaster, but the entire community is also affected. Local and regional economies can be devastated by a disaster and require years of recovery (Maurer & Smith, 2009). In the community the Nurse can listen to people sharing their stories and support anybody to find a solution. For some people praying over a situation will help lessen the burden on that individual. As for the nurse itself, the Nurse needs to know when there is a spiritual distress for herself. Like questioning god or feeling hopeless about helping the community they are assigned to. During that time the nurse must acknowledge that they need spiritual care and they must talk to other health care workers or chaplain about their distress. Most of the time if we talk about the doubts or feelings we have we can understand how to overcome those doubts. During a disaster the community nurse must trust in additional help from Health care workers and other resources.

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