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Watch the Ted Talks videos

Now that you have viewed two Ted Talks about eradicating malaria, post two or three paragraphs about which of these two presentations you found to be more effective. What did you think of the speakers’ introductions and conclusions? Do you remember the main points for both talks, or did one speaker do a better job of organizing the presentation and speaking with clarity? What about the use of visual aids; did they help or harm the speech? Remember to submit your initial post early in the week so your classmates have an opportunity to respond to it.

In addition to posting your critique, respond to your classmate’s post. Do you agree or disagree with his/her critiques, and why?

Your answer should be at least 200 words in length. Your response should be at least 75 words.

Here is classmate’s post to respond.

We heard from two different speakers in this module’s TED Talks about mosquitoes spreading malaria and the fight to eradicate the disease. Although both speakers were good, one was far better at presenting than the other. They both spoke English in their presentations(obviously) and even though one was more of a natural English speaker, their presentation wasn’t as good. This wasn’t because their information was wrong or uninteresting, it’s because their way of presenting it just wasn’t nearly as good. The man who spoke about mosquito bites in connection to smell, had props, acting, a demonstration, and he didn’t wear shoes. This is because he’s supposed to grab your attention, keep you interested and to remember what he said. Not wearing shoes and putting his hand in a box of mosquitoes I thought at first was strange and ridiculous, but it certainly grabbed my attention and made me remember his presentation.

The woman who spoke about mosquito nets did a few things that bothered me, but grabbing my attention was not one of them. She didn’t keep my attention, I can’t quite remember all of the content of her presentation, and all of her topics blurred together. I didn’t like or resonate with her hyperbolic examples or comparisons. She compared Kenyans coming to the United States with facemasks to giving people nets to put over their beds, asking “would you wear a mask everywhere to stop the cold and flu if the Kenyans told you to?” I’m paraphrasing there, but that’s what she said and I immediately thought her argument was weakened with an invalid comparison like that. If she had asked everyone if they’d put up a net over their beds to stop the cold and flu(also from getting bit by mosquitoes), It’d be a more direct and relatable comparison. I thought maybe I should rewatch her TED Talk because I don’t remember her intro or conclusion, but I think that alone really sums it up.

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