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Assignment Objective: This assignment is designed to expose you to different ways health care is delivered within the United States (US) when compared to another country.


Choose a country you will compare to the US. This can be the country you presented on or a different country if you choose.


Choose a model of healthcare delivery offered in both the US and the comparison country.  A model of healthcare delivery is the method by which healthcare is delivered. Examples of models:

  • 1. Mobile vans
  • 2. Community health centers/clinics
  • 3. School-based health
  • 4. Outpatient mental health
  • 5. Hospice care
  • 6. Community health/visiting nurses

**Please do not use choose acute or long-term inpatient models.


In comparing the countries, address the following in your paper. Make sure you include both the US and your comparison country.

1. Brief history of how model developed in each country

2. What scope of services is offered?

3. What population(s) is/are by this model?

4. How is the model funded? Example, by the government? By something else? 

5. What is the financial responsibility of the patients? (Example-paid in full buy gov or insurance, co-payments, out of pocket).

6. What is the role of the nurse in this model?

7. Identify one concern about the model for each country.

What is the concern

  • What is the impact of this concern (on patients, healthcare providers, taxpayers, general public).
  • What could be done to improve this concern?
  • Do nurses have a role in making change? If so, what?


This is an academic paper and should be written in the 3rd person. It is expected that your paper be clearly organized, using one-inch margins, 12-point font, and level headings according to 7th APA style. This paper is designed to be relatively brief and should not be more than 5 pages (body), not including the title page and reference page.

Your paper should contain the following sections:

  • Page 1 – Title page
  • Page 2-5 – Body of paper
    • 7th APA
    • Background supported by readings and reference citations. Be sure to address all aspects of the delivery model and issue with a thorough literature review.
    • Analyze the advantages and disadvantages (pros and cons) of each
  • Page 6 – References
    • 7th APA
    • Level I heading: References
  • Paper Outline
    • Level I heading: Health Care Model
      • This section must end with a thesis statement (the purpose of this paper is…)
    • Level II heading: US, country
    • Level I headings: Scope of service, Population served, Funding sources
    • Level I heading: Nurses’ role
    • Level I heading: Conclusion


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