competitor analysis 3

For your assignment this week, you will be researching three organizations in the same industry. Choose carefully–based on your analysis, one of these organizations will be the company you create a business plan for. Examples may be: Airlines (Southwest, American, Spirit); Cell phone providers (AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile), Car companies (Tesla, Ford, BMW), etc. It’s strongly recommended that you select publicly traded companies, as you will be more likely to find adequate information available for your research.


Part One:
Once you’ve selected your industry, you’ll step into the role of Marketing Manager and conduct a competitor analysis based on this week’s readings. For this section, you’re writing for the Executive Team at your organization, so professional, concise, business-style writing is required for your competitor comparison.

You’ll need to create an easy-to-read comparison in a grid format that provides a clear overview of as many of the following categories as possible for EACH company: Types of products/services offered; Current market share–and whether it is increasing or decreasing; Unique Selling Proposition; geographical areas covered; Pricing structure; Customer ratings for products or services; Employee ratings; customer review reviews; total sales volume

Part Two:
Review the research you’ve done, and in a short, 1 page essay, analyze the strengths and weaknesses of the organizations you’ve selected. Which organization is the strongest? For which would you most like to become Chief Marketing Officer and why? This section should be written in APA format, supported by references.


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