comprehensive project management plan 1

  1. Project Charter (3-4 pages) – include the updated Assignment 01 as an Appendix within your report
  2. Identification of the Customer (real person, title, company) is and what they value from this project
  3. Stakeholder identification and analysis – include power/interest grid
  4. Identification of the Project Sponsor (real person, title, company) and why project matters to them
  5. Scope of the project- including technical requirements, limits, exclusions, constraints
  6. Statement of Work – full detailed description of all project deliverables – two paragraphs for each deliverable explaining what Deliverable will look like upon completion
  7. Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) graphic –3 levels deep. Minimum 8 work activities per deliverable
  8. Work activities (from WBS) – explain each work activity in two sentences each
  9. Project Costs – Cost estimates for each work activity, cost contingencies for high risk work activities, Show Cost Baseline, Management Reserve and Cost Budget
  10. Project Scheduling – Gantt chart or MS Project, Critical Path identified
  11. Project Gates – how many, where in the project, acceptance criteria
  12. Risks – identification, assessment, prioritization and contingency planning
  13. Project Team – roles & responsibilities of each person (your group is the team)
  14. Project Communications – internal and external, types and frequency
  15. Key Performance Measurements (KPM’S) specific quantifiable metrics to track success of the project (5-6 high-level KPM’s).
  16. Project Procurement – identify external resources, tendering seller selection details (RFP evaluation grids) contract and seller performance monitoring
  17. Quality Control – inspection criteria for each work activity
  18. Any other issues pertinent to your project – environmental, government, societal or health/safety considerations

The report must begin with an Executive Summaryfollowed by the Statement of Assumptions, listing any assumptions your groups makes based upon the limited information presented in this assignment. Then each section listed above should be included within your project, taking into consideration the assumptions your group has made. Each section should be based upon subject materials as presented within each week’s class and any additional research your group does.


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