Consumer Decision- Making Thank You for Smoking (Widescreen Edition) (2006) [Joan Lunden]( (Actor), [Eric Haberman](

Consumer Decision- Making

Thank You for Smoking (Widescreen Edition) (2006)

Joan Lunden (Actor), Eric Haberman (Actor) | Rated: R | Format: DVD



  1. 1.      Create a Marketing Mix as it pertains to Tobacco Industry (5 Ps)? Chapter 2


  1. 2.      How does the Tobacco Industry change its marketing strategy from 2 decades ago?  Can you give an example from the Movie? Chapter 1


  1. 3.      Can you define the Market Segmentation of the Tobacco Industry (factual)?  Can you define the market segmentation as it pertains to the movie (fictional)? Define both the objectives and give an example of the effectiveness in it has in the industry? Chapter 1


  1. 4.      What is the Business Ethics for the Tobacco Industry?  Also, what is the business ethics as it relates to the movie?  What is the market Penetration, Market Development, Product Development and Diversification as it pertains to Tobacco Industry (factual)?


  1. Do a SWOT analysis on the Tobacco Industry?  Chapter 2
  2. 6.      What is the CRM of the Tobacco Industry?  Is the movie accurate on its portraying of the industry?

  3. 7.      Analyze the Marketing Environment in Tobacco Industry?  Use scenes from the movie to demonstrate your comprehension of Market Environment?


  1. 8.      What is the competitive advantage of the Tobacco industry on a macro environment vs. micro-environment?


9.Explain the following Technology and Social-Cultural Environment as it relates to the Tobacco Industry and the movie?



  1. 10.  Do marketing research targeting analyses on (realistic) Tobacco Industry include demographics, psychographics and generational segmentation?  How does it differ in the movie?  Which one is more realistic to today’s market?



  1. 11.  Can you define the Maslow hierarchy?  Can you use the Movie and demonstrate the 5 levels?  You can be humorous in your answer?



  1. 12.  What is the market myopia as it pertains to the movie?




  1. 13.  Can you give example from the Movie to demonstrate the change in generational segmentation from GI Era to Generation Z(Millennium babies) ?





  1. 14.  Explain the Culture of the Tobacco Industry, then provide an example of the value it has on the economy (if there is any)?  What is the significance of these buying decisions in the marketing of tobacco?













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