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1. Name and describe the major problem (again, climate change, pandemic, etc) that your project is responding to.

As humans have evolved and developed throughout time, the issue of marine pollution has steadily increased, resulting from new developments in technology. These new developments have allowed humanity to abuse its surroundings, funneling processed materials and disposing all of its rejected waste into the world’s oceans. From this blind ignorance to the abuse of the planet, massive garbage patches have formed as the ocean’s response to its treatment as a disposal site. Land runoff, ship disposal, sewage disposal, deep sea mining, and air pollution have all contributed to the degradation of our oceans that fuel life in all forms. This pollution has led to the evolution of animals—altering their biochemistry in response to new chemicals being infused into the oceans and transforming the food chain that leads directly back to humans.

2. Name and describe your group’s mythology — If you create a pantheon, describe all of the gods within it; if your focus is on specific myth-stories that change how we think about the large problem, then tell those stories. Your group has COMPLETE FREEDOM here.

Before humanity began, the oceans were peaceful and quiet. A population of ocean spirits subsided in the calm waters that surrounded every bit of land on Earth, ruled by their mother spirit, Oceanica, whose body encompassed the entire body of water. As time evolved, Oceanica and her children grew lonesome of their existence, and from their loneliness, they bore new organisms—microbes of life that would grow into humanity on land. Once these microbes evolved into humans, they began to conquer the unclaimed lands that Oceanica surrounded, dividing into their own subpopulations and warring over the masses of land. Without their mother spirit to guide them, they became distant and unruly, fighting and killing one another. Soon enough, they began to evolve further and develop industrially, utilizing resources from the land in order to build their dynasties and legacies. With this industrial revolution, they released new spirits into the atmosphere—air pollutants and spirits of waste that were drawn back to the oceans in which their makers, the humans, were born.

For humans’ own development, they constructed high-rise buildings, chemical factories; they over consume marine species by fisheries and trap marine creatures to the aquarium, which lead more and more species to go extinct from the ocean. As a result, the marine food chain is broken and unbalanced. Dumping their chemical waste, household garbage, industrial refuse to the ocean to pretend as if they never produced all of that. When those pollutants gradually harms the oceans, all the gods that guard the ocean spirits plan to defend oceanica. The god of acidification in the ocean, his duty is to keep all of the chemicals and elements in a proper balance so that the water is in good condition to hold all those marine animals in proper living conditions. The god of current is taking charge of the waves to make sure the rising and receding tide are in proper amounts and don’t rush to the human land to create over flooding. Also, the waves don’t hurt people who surf and ship transit as well as keeping cruise tourists safe on the ocean. The god of evolution takes charge of marine animals in the oceans, she keeps every species in the proper place of habitats, and she also controls the marine lives breeding and evolution for over thousands of years. The whole ecosystem underwater relies on her to be balanced. However, those gods together are discussing how to fight back against humans in order to let them know what they had done to the ocean is wrong and all of that will pay back to themselves…..continue write

And you need to write about how they fight back/ examples: god of acidification (releasing toxins from trash into waters so people don’t survive in them), god of currents (currents form garbage patches so trash isn’t everywhere), god of evolution (changing animals to survive in these oceans)

We can create the new pantheon of ocean gods in response to marine pollution and write a descriptive paragraph per each of them

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