Controls and Procurement in business.

 Assignment 2B: Controls and Procurement Discussion Students will serve as peer instructors and learners through a dialogue that compares and contrasts the roles of control and procurement managers. Students will analyze the responses of class members and offer additional feedback to enhance learning. The question presented in this dialogue is designed to promote exchange of information between students. The presented question is more open ended, which means that what you find might be completely different than what your classmates find and you can all benefit by sharing what you have learned. Instructions: Read and view all the learning resources available this unit. For your initial post respond to the following: Under what circumstances would the responsibilities of the controls manager and the procurement manager overlap? Describe the situation. Your description should indicate an understanding of the roles and duties of each manager. Once you submit your initial post, review all initial posts of your classmates. Consider the examples provided by your classmates and compare them with your example to determine if you correctly understand these two roles. Take note of what additional learning takes place and insight gained from your classmates’ posts. Respond to two of the initial posts you read. State what you have learned as a result of the initial post and student’s contribution. When you participate in the dialogue, please appropriately name the subject line as follows: Last Name_Initial Post Last Name_Response 1 Last Name_Response 2 Please follow the posting schedule below. Submit your post on or before the noted date: Initial Post: D5W2 Response Posts: D5W2

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