coun4 due on 4 9 17 59

1st Step: Watch How Stress Affects Your Brain

2nd Step: Share in one paragraph, what are your reactions and thoughts about this video. Did you learn something new about the relationship between stress and the brain. Do you understand some of your stress/strain symptoms after listening to this video?

After watching this video and reading Chapter 2, it is important to understand the relationship between mental (psyche) and physical (physiological) processes of stress. Provide an example of your psychophysiological reactions to stress.

I understand chapter 2 and chapter 3 are difficult chapters to understand and process. However, stress can be controlled /managed by becoming aware of our stressors and what strains (physically, mentally, and behaviorally) they are having on us. After we became aware of our stressors, we can find strategies (meditation/exercising/ journaling, etc) to help us decrease our stress reactions. In the rest of the chapters we will be focusing more on strategies to manage stress.

Weekly Discussion Board: There will be one discussion each week. In order to receive full credit towards class participation for each discussion, you must “Reply” to a minimum of two (2) responses from your fellow classmates. Discussions and replies will be judged on quality of content (indicating a grasp of the concepts being discussed). Make your posts insightful and original. If your discussion and responses are not posted before each discussion closes, you will not receive credit for the discussion.

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