covid 19 health administration preparation for pandemic

COVID-19 Health Administration Preparation for Pandemic

1. Consider the current COVID-19 pandemic we are in. As a health care

administrator, working in a skilled nursing facility, you are responsible for disaster

planning for your facility inclusive of operations, staff and patients. You will need

to write up a 3-page disaster plan. This disaster plan will consider; planning and

organizing around staffing, quality issues, safety, communication, and


a. Include in your disaster plan a literature review at the beginning of your

document or provide background about COVID-19. This is the “why” of

your next step.

b. Include the process your disaster plan should take. i.e. Decision-making

(centralized in a situation like this?), creating committees, roles and tasks,

Board involvement, etc.

c. Consider the flow of your plan. Do the steps you’ve designed make sense

in terms of continuity and connectedness. You may include a flow chart or

PDCA cycle here. You can refer to Donabedian’s

Structure/Process/Outcome model here.

d. What type of messaging is required? Keeping staff and patients updated.

How will you deliver your messages?

e. What sources of information would you use to create your messaging

(Must be credible sources)?

f. Utilize PDCA to evaluate your disaster plan.

2. Additional Directions: Create your plan for #1 above. Three page maximum; APA

format; pay attention to spacing and margins. A citation page (not included in the

3 page maximum) of your sources; sources must be reliable (.gov ARE THE BEST).

1.Adhere to page maximum

2.Use subheadings for a-h

3.Cover page not required

4. Abstract not required

5. Running Head not required

6. APA Style

no plagiarism

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