CREATING LONG-TERM LOYALTY RELATIONSHIPS To bettr understand how brand communities work one comprehensive study examined communities around examined communities around brands as diverse as StriVectin cosmeceutical, BMW Mini auto, Jones soda, Tom Petty &the Heartbreakers rock and roll band, and Garmin GPS devices. Using multiple research methods such as “netnographic” research with online forums, participant and naturalistic observation of community activities, and in-depth interviews with community members, the researchers found 12 value creation practices taking place. They divided them into four categories-social networking, community engagement, impression management, and brand use-summarized in 8 Table 5.5. Building a positive, productive brand community requires careful thought and implementation.20 One set of 1. Enhance the timeliness of information exchanged. Set appointed times for topic discussion; give rewards for 2. Enhance the relevance of information posted. Keep the focus on topic; divide the forum into categories; en- Make it easier for users to express themselves; don’t set limits on length of responses researchers offers these recommendations for making online brand communities more effective. timely, helpful responses; increase access points to the community courage users to preselect interests. allow user evaluation of the relevance of posts. special opportunities for visitors, acknowledge helpful members. 3. Extend the conversation. . Increase the frequency of information exchanged. Launch contests; use familiar social networking tools; create elae Croation Practices In 350 words are you a member of any brand community? Yes Explain. Does the community use the recommendations listed on picture?

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