How to Find Credible Sources for Your Research

Most academic papers require referencing. Referencing may be a shock to beginners who are new to finding reliable sources for reference. In this guide , the paper writing service we will talk about what makes a source credible, how to find credible sources and the basic rules of how to search for them. We will also provide a list of credible websites and answer the question: “are .gov websites reliable?”.

Credible Source Definition

According to the dictionary, the term ‘credible source’ refers to reliable sources. In other words, the references are acceptable, trustworthy, and valid — according to professionals in the subject area. This implies any sources that are not credible are not to be used. Sources that are not credible include opinionated and false information. This is why it is essential find out what makes a source credible.


What Makes a Source Credible?

In the age of social media and the internet, some sources are reliable, and others are not. Accuracy and relevance place a significant role in the credibility of a reference. Some sources may be considered as myths by most people, as some may be known as “fake news.” Another vital factor of determining these two aspects is to identify whether the source is a website, PDF, or book. In hindsight, books are far more credible than websites. Website content is more likely to contain incredible information. Due to the fact anyone is capable of posting content on a website.

The most accurate sources for referencing are known to be “peer reviews” by professionals in the subject area. This practice is done to make sure the source is credible. In other words, these sources possess a stamp or statement of some kind. They state that experts have approved the reference. The purpose is to make sure that the content is not opinionated, but widely-agreed upon facts.

What makes a source credible

Basic Rules of How to Search for Credible Sources

When you research websites, there are some basic rules to when it comes to finding credible sources.

List of Credible Sources for Research

We understand that it can be challenging to determine whether a source is reliable or not. Our professional writers have compiled together a list of the top academic search engines for finding credible sources for research. Learning how to search for scholarly articles on Google Scholar and other platforms can make research far simpler. Each of these platforms can provide any research topic for college students.

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Are .Gov Websites Reliable?

Many students proper the question: “are .gov websites reliable?” and the answer is that they are. Governments are organized institutions that also happen to run countries. That being their primary purpose. Most content on government websites is written with a strict quality assurance policy, not to spread false news to the citizens of that country.

Governments aim to deliver accurate information to lawyers and law students, the law of each country states on their .gov website. They also provide advice to travelers regarding the legality of other countries. Take a look at this list of credible websites that possess the domain of ‘.gov.’


Many students prosper “what is a credible source?” In which, finding credible sources is essential for any academic paper. They must contain accurate and believable information. Not every source, especially on websites, contains agreed-upon information. Thus, using reliable sources is important for the reason that readers require writers to include black and white evidence to defend their claims.

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