criminal justice 243

Directions: Answers must rely on the uploaded textbook ( Levinthal, C. (2012). Drugs, society, and criminal justice (3rd ed.). Boston: Prentice Hall: Pearson Education.) as a source and at least 3 other outside scholarly/academic sources(4 total sources between all 5 questions) to support ideas and a minimum of 325 words per question. Must use proper grammar, mechanics and spelling in your response, you have to make use of proper in-text citations and an end-reference “ NO Plagiarism” . All Sources besides the textbook provided, must have a direct link to it and APA format and must use in work citations.


  1. Explain the three hypotheses regarding the relationship between drug use and the causes of drug-related crime.
  2. Define the three major types of drug related violence in the Goldstein tripartite model of drugs and violence (The Drug-Violence Connection).
  3. Explain the four stages of production and distribution of the illicit drug business.
  4. Using your text and the internet, research Pablo Escobar (The Columbian King of Cocaine) and give a biography of him. Include how he rose to power and how his reign ended.
  5. Define the practice of “money laundering” and describe in detail some of the techniques used.
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