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For this assignment, I’d like you to examine how globally-significant medical or health conditions are impacted by race and ethnicity. That is, how does racial and ethnic inequality impact groups’ health conditions?

You can examine this in the US or in another country of your choosing. Your essay should include a description of the condition, it’s epidemiology, a description of how it’s impacted by systems of inequality, and a brief discussion of policy. You can choose from any of the following health conditions identified as a target/indicator by the United Nations as part of their Sustainable Development Goal on Health.

Click link below to see World Health Organization’s goals in the next decade or so: (Links to an external site.)

      • Part I: Describe the condition (one paragraph)
        • First, you should BRIEFLY describe the medical or health condition (selected from list posted above) including the following information in your summary:
          • its impact on an individuallevel (e.g., the micro level — how it impacts the physical, psychological, and social functioning of a person), and
          • its impact on a sociallevel (e.g., the macro level — what is the broad impact of this condition on a given society).
        • YOU MUST USE and CITE TWO EXTERNAL SOURCE OF INFORMATION HERE (this cannot be the UN website and one of which must be scholarly. The other can be a news outlet or similar medium).
      • Part II: Compare the epidemiology on local and international levels (one paragraph)
        • Second, you should compare the prevalence/incidence of the condition on local and international levels by providing the following:
          • an informed description of the incidence/prevalence of the condition in the United States, and
          • an informed description of the incidence/prevalence of the condition in ONE COUNTRY OF YOUR CHOICE, and
          • a discussion explaining why the relative incidence/prevalence is the same or different between the two countries and why that may be.
        • YOU MUST USE and CITE ONE EXTERNAL SOURCE OF INFORMATION HERE (i.e., one to support your local report and one to support your international report)
      • Part III: Analyze and apply (one or two paragraphs)
        • Third, you should analyze how racial inequality impacts at the individual level and at the societal level:
          • Why might it impact some groups more than others?
          • What damage is it causing?
          • What does this mean for some groups’ life chances?
        • YOU MUST INCLUDE AT LEAST TWO COURSE-RELATED CONCEPTS HERE. Be sure to underline the concepts you use. If they are not underlined, you will lose half credit.
      • Part IV: Thinking about local policy (one paragraph)
        • Lastly, I’d like you to critically analyze one recent, real, and local policy related to this health condition. This policy can be a court decision, rule, or law that is no older than 20 years old and effectively impacts Tampa, Florida, or the United States. Please include the following in your analysis:
          • a brief description of the decision/rule/law, and
          • if it’s treating the condition as a personal trouble or social problem and why, and
          • if the policy would be effective in the country you’re analyzing and why.
        • YOU MUST USE and CITE ONE EXTERNAL SOURCE OF INFORMATION HERE (a news outlets is fine).
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