CRITICAL THINKING 11. Why is it particularly important to develop and maintain a professional, businesslike reputation in the knowledge-based economy of the digital era? (Obj. 1)

It is important to develop and maintain a professional, businesslike reputation. This is because the changing trend in the economy. Trend is changing every single day. If you want to be hired then you need to be technically skilled as well as professional. Each and every employee at the work place has to show their professionalism and show the significant behavior at work. The employer prefers those candidates who are sophisticated rather than the unprofessional or negative one.

Due to the competitive era the needs of business are getting expanded at the alarming rate and there is a need to get synchronized with that pace of change. The employees should develop the etiquette and move toward ethical mind set which is very significant at the workplace. Each and every employee should struggle to polish himself or herself and being civilized at the workplace just to face the world.

The employees must know the appropriate way to talk with others, the way to present himself or herself in the public and manage the thing around him or her. Ultimately the employees should present himself or herself as a role model for those who reports to them. Other people should learn from them and adopt the professionalism and other elements from you.

These qualities will not only benefit the organization but also increase the soft skill of the employee. If there is an employee who is having a positive attitude toward the work and the life will get the promotion ahead of the other candidates and will move ahead in life and will be respected by the others at the workplace.

So gone are the days when changing was not required at so much of the speed. In current era the world is changing at very Rapid speed hence the employees should maintain a professional Business like reputation in the knowledge based economy of the digital era.

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