Critical Thinking


Please answer all the questions for the two learning exercises listed below. Answers should be thorough and complete for each question. Please write your responses in a word document for submission and use the APA format as a guideline. Double space and use a 12 point font. The combined responses should consist of at least two pages of discussion for the combined questions and topics. Use the following information to support you in completing this assignment correctly.

Learning Exercise 1- Chapter 8

Choose an activity that you are good at doing. The activity can be related to sports, music, a hobby—virtually anything. Prepare a plan for teaching someone how to do that activity. Apply the concepts you have learned in this chapter about effective training in putting together your plan.

1. What type of assessment will you use to prepare for this training?

2. What methods and types of training will you use?

3. What role will principles of learning play in your training program?

4. How will you determine whether the training has been successful?

Learning Exercise 2- Chapter 9

As a manager, you have a number of choices to make regarding your evaluation approach to managing the performance of your employees. First, you can use a ranking-based approach such as a straight ranking, forced distribution, or paired comparison. Second, you can use an attribute-based approach that focuses on evaluating your employees’ traits via a graphic rating scale or your employees’ behaviors via behaviorally anchored rating scales and behavioral observation scales. Finally, you can use a results-based approach that measures direct employee outcomes or uses a management by objectives approach.

1. What are the advantages and disadvantages of using ranking, absolute-trait, absolute-behavior, and results-based approaches to evaluate your employees’ performance?

2. When should each approach be used? When should they be avoided? Why?

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