cw1 individual reflective report 1000 words cw2 project management group report 300 words only my part

word count: CW1 1000 words Individual Reflective Report not including references and executive summary + CW2 400 words project management group report (only my part)

in total there will be 2 files needed (1000 words Individual report + 400(only my part) group report)

5+ references needed for the individual report and 3+ references for the group report, I will attach the semi-finished group report which has done by some of my group members.

In this module, we have been working in a group of 10 most of the time. we are required to make 5 videos in any topics, and we have chosen the cultural differences(we call it “culture fusion”) as our topic. We have done a midterm presentation regarding this topic and you can find it in attached file as well. During this Course Work, we have filmed about the food from different countries and each of us who is from other countries should try the food and give the feedback immediately. I have attached the Youtube channel link below:…

take a brief look at the short videos.

Managing project involves working with people from different backgrounds. You will, as a result, be challenged to thrive working in a relatively large group throughout the module. Do expect to face conflicts and even confrontation sometimes, and think actively on the best way to work with others for the most desirable results.How much you will learn from the module depends on how much you are willing to put in it. A lot of students found this module to be extremely useful and noticed the changes it made in their own lives.

Within this module, students work in project teams on ‘live projects’ which aim to provide opportunities for them to apply project management methods and tools and develop project management skills in practice. The project brief is provided under ‘Assessment’ section on the module page on Moodle. Both CW1 and CW2 require critical analysis and application of relevant project management principles, methods and techniques to the live projects.

For CW1 Individual reflection report:

In the individual reflection report, you are required to critically reflect on the management of the project by your group, the lessons learned during the process, your contribution to the group work, and your personal development plan for the future.

The individual report should also effectively demonstrate how the above learning outcomes of the module have been achieved. Supporting evidences for the achievement of each learning outcome should be provided in detail in the appendices of the report.

This CW1 assignment is designed to assess learning outcomes:

LO1: Demonstrate a critical understanding of the scale and scope of project management in private and public sectors

LO3: Evaluate a strategy to ensure effective use of resources, assets and people within the project

LO5: Identify systems and organisational culture that ensure an effective project management approach

For the CW2 Project management report:

In your group project report, you are required to:

1) Review the scope and strategy of the project, including a detailed WBS.

2) Critically discuss how the project team has been structured and organised

3) Critically discuss how key stakeholders have been managed, and present the communication plan implemented during the project. (THIS IS THE PART I AM RESPONSIBLE FOR!) (400 words+ references)

4) Elaborate on the role that organisational and national culture played in ensuring project success.

5) Develop a risk management plan for the project

6) Use Project Management Software to prepare the project plan (including Network Diagram and Critical Path Analysis).

7) Critically discuss the project control system that has been adopted for your project.

8) Evaluate and critically reflect on the performance of the project with sufficient supporting evidence.

9) Critically evaluate the project management tools and methods that were applied in your project, discussing the advantage and limitations of each one.

10) Individual contributions to the project and group report.

you can find the attached word file of the semi-finished group report which has done by some of my group members and also the midterm presentation powerpoint which has almost the same content as CW2 reqirements.


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