cybersecurity 24

#1 – Assignment

  • If you had to create a depiction of Cybersecurity, what would it look like to you? Using the materials provided during class, use your creativity to draw what comes to your mind when you think of Cybersecurity. Be sure to include the following:1) WannaCry Ramsomware attack (be able to demonstrate how you would protect yourself from attacks like WannaCry)
    2) Interconnectivities: Connected Cars (be able to discuss/demonstrate how you’d benefit from increased interconnectivity)
    3) Be sure to demonstrate (using words) how the “issues” of cybersecutity relate to the Internet of things.


  • Using the materials provided in class- create your very own Digital Footprint be sure to include:1) What a digital footprint is
    2) Give an example of social media post that builds a positive and negative digital footprint and explain why
    3) Interconnect the “right to be forgotten”
    4) Demonstrate your perspective as to whether or not you agree with the EU’s decision that people should be able to as Google to remove search results that contain incorrect, unfair, or one-sided information about them? Why or Why not.Using the materials provided in class- create a chart of how you’d stay safe on the web. Consider the following questions: Consider the following scenario:A few months ago, your friend started an online friendship with somebody she met on a forum about her favorite sports team. This person claims to be the same age and lives in a different city. Coincidentally, your friend’s family is going on vacation to the city where her Internet friend lives. Your friend tells you that she plans to meet her Internet friend in person. What steps should she take to respond to this situation?1) What are your personal rules to staying safe online?
    2) How will these rules keep you safe?


  • As you read the “information we collect” section of Good Privacy Policy, consider the following questions:1. What is Google’s reasoning for collecting your personal information?
    2. How does Google get information from you?
    3. How can Google get your information location?
    4. Can Google recognize your personal smartphone or computer? Why/Why not?Working in Pairs – design a powerpoint (or use the materials provided during class to illustrate) that describes a Privacy policy for another computer like Google.


  • Individually search the Internet to find the answers to the following questions:For each of the following questions, create a search query that you might use the find the answer. Submit the search query used and a link to a search result that contains the answer to your question.In the United States, how many gallons of water doest he average person use every year?
    What is the second-longes river in the world?
    How many species ar currently considered “critically endangered”?
    What is the circumferance of Mars?
    What is the median salary of a cybersecurity engineer?Use a Microsoft Word document to list and answer each question.
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