debate essay 2

New York law dramatically changed when the legislature amended the Criminal Procedure Law to require the police to make arrests in domestic violence cases when there was probable cause to do so, regardless of the wishes of the victim. Where the evidence establishes probable cause to believe that a misdemeanor or felony was committed, the police are prohibited from even asking the victim about whether to arrest ( (Links to an external site.).”

Mandatory arrest laws for domestic violence continue to be controversial. There is tremendous support for both sides of the issue. Proponents argue that mandatory arrest laws are necessary to protect victims from their abusers. Opponents argue that these types of laws infringe on constitutional rights such as the right to privacy. The purpose of this assignment is to test students’ abilities to develop a logical argument for the pros and cons of mandatory arrest laws.

Step One: Written Argument

You will write a concise essay that effectively argues both sides of mandatory arrests. You must follow the format below:


Argument for mandatory arrest laws

Argument against mandatory arrest laws

Your personal position on mandatory arrest laws


Your essay should be three pages in length, typed, and double-spaced. You must include at least (2) sources to support your arguments. All types of sources are acceptable for this assignment. Be sure to include a reference page with your essay.

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