Define organizational structure and controls and discuss the difference between strategic and financial controls(150 words and no copy paste from website_use website to write in your own language)

Organizational structure can be defined as the systematic arrangement of people along with distribution of roles and responsibilities from top to down. It includes differences like tall structure, flat one, project, divisional, matrix, functional etc.

Organizational control can be defined as the process of setting the performance or quality norms and measuring the actual performance. If, any deviation will be there then some corrective steps will be taken by the management. Control measures that whether the actual plan is being implemented or not. Control may be utilized in various aspects of business like quality control, inventory control, financial control etc.

Strategic control can be utilized to know whether the set mission, vision or we can say the strategic intent is working towards achieving the competitive advantage in the market place or not. It can be done through SWOT analysis, BCG matrix, inventory control, balanced score card like techniques etc.

Financial controls are the measurement of financial targets against the actual performance of the corporation. Some key tools are Budgetary, Return on investment, financial ratio, dividend, ABC control etc.

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