Describe the relative merits of using a trainee’s coworkers as potential trainers. What should be done to ensure that a coworker is an effective trainer? (include references and case studies)

A coworker can be a better trainer for someone who has just joined the workforce because he /she has just been or is still in the same boat, and knows the job inside out. Some advantages of using a trainee’s coworker as trainer are given below.

1. Being in the same domain, the coworker can guide the trainee about the real time issues of the job and the potential ways of tackling them to ensure best outcomes.

2. A co worker can spend more time with the trainee in comparison to a senior and provide training just like on the job guidance.

3. Due to same hierarchial position, communication gaps are often minimum, that can make the learning process an easy going task.

4. He /she can often describe formal as well as unwritten and informal rules of the organization to the trainee, helping to acclimatize faster with the organization and contribute to the role.

Training by a worker needs to be monitored for following issues.

1. Co worker needs to be perfectly trained to handle the training assignment. He /she needs to know the trainee’s profile. It will help to break the ice.

2. It should be taken care if he /she does become bossy during the session. In some cases, intervention may be necessary to keep the environment cordial and cheered up and to avoid any bad blood between the two.

3. Trainer and trainee both should be spoken to, for ensuring effectiveness of the learning process. A weekly o quarterly assessment / feedback session can be conducted by a senior if necessary.

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