Develop a process chart for changing the right rear tire on an automobile, then suggest methods to improve it. (estimate based on your own experience the time and / or distance that is involved with each operation)

Step 1: Be Prepared

step 2: Location, Location, Location

Step 3: Not Enough Room

Step 4: Be Aware of Traffic

Step 5: Set Your Parking Brake

Step 6: Check the Spare

Step 7: Use Your Owner’s Manual

Step8: Pry Off the Hub Cap

Step 9: Remove the Hub Cap

Step 10: Loosen Lugs

Step 11: You May Need an Adapter

Step 12: Insert Key Lock Adapter

Step 13: Use Your Floor Mat

Step 14: Remove Lock

Step 15: Place Lock in Hub Cap

Step 16: Locate the Pinch Flange

Step 17: Position Jack

Step 18: Raise the Vehicle

Step 19: Remove the Tire

Step 20: Remove Spare

Step 21: Pickups and SUVs

Step 22: Install the Spare

Step 23: Finger Tighten the Lugs

Step 24: Lower the Car

Step 25: Tighten the Lugs

Step 26: Your Spare is Now Installed

Step 27: Remove the Jack

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