– Develop And Cultivate Collaborative Partnerships

BSBLDR803 Develop and cultivate collaborative partnerships and Relationships

Assessment Task 2 – Report, Presentation and Feedback

Table of Contents

Part 1 – Written Report (2000 words)

Research and identify two distinctive Collaborative Partnership each in public sector and private sector and compile the following information on them to be included in your report.

Executive summary

You are supposed to summarise the entire report in this section.

Body of the Report

· Organisational Goals, Mission and Vision

Discuss the organisation’s goal, mission and vision within two different Collaborative Partnership each in public sector and private sector

(This is just an example you are supposed to use different organisation)

For EG: If you are choosing Adidas as the Main organisation:

Public Sector Collaborative partnership:

1. Apparel and Footwear International RSL Management (AFIRM) Working group

2. European Outdoor Group

Private Sector Collaborative partnership:

1. Better Cotton Initiative (BCI)

2. Fair Factories Clearing House (FFC) – Non for-profit Organisation.

· Information Management system

Explain the information management system of each organisation. Information management system is vital for partnership businesses it contributes an active communication practices and collaborative work plans. (with partners)

· the method for distributing information:

· Electronic newsletters

· Websites

· Systems for real-time interaction

· System for Managing the Project

Here you need to explain how the organisation and its partners communicate the message or update the partners about the business matters or certain information.

· Likely stakeholders and their profile (Internal and/ or External)

Its about your organisation (Adidas)

You need to analyse the stakeholders of the two organisations. Internal stakeholders are those who are committed to serving the organisation such as board members, regular employees in other word those who has direct contact to the business operations. External stakeholders are people who are impacted by the work of the organisation such as clients, community partners.


Including the stakeholder’s profile that covers below list but not limited to:

· list of responsibilities associated with the role

· list the goals associated with major tasks the stakeholder has related to accomplishing task

· activities performed by each type of end users

· Strategic Values (Expected after or With Partnership) and likely benefits for individual stakeholders

Your responses should give a description on the strategic values that are focusing on benefited individual stakeholders

· Strategic Values and likely benefits for Organisations

Your responses should give a description on the strategic values that are focusing on benefited individual stakeholders

· Communication methods used (E.g. meeting, forum, functions etc.)

It is important to have an effective communication system in place at all levels within the partnership and within partner organizations. You need to describe the communication (With Partners) method used on each organisation.

· online chatting and internet forums

· Online meeting and trainings

· Virtual workspaces

· Interpersonal and communication skills to negotiate

Good interpersonal skills essential for effective negotiations, both in formal situations and in less formal or one-to-one negotiations.

You need to outline the interpersonal and communication skills to negotiate within the organisation.

Communication with Both Partners and customers

· Effective verbal communication: verbal communication and effective speaking

· listening: active listening

· Reducing misunderstanding

· Rapport building

· Problem solving

· decision Making

· Assertiveness

· dealing with difficult situations.

· Code of conduct, policy and procedure or any other legal requirements (Including OHS/WHS)

You should outline the code of conduct, policy and procedure or any other legal requirements. About your Organisation as well as your partners.

· procurement policy

· privacy law

· Anti-discrimination policy

· Training Policy

· Problem Solving and Feedback Methods

You need to outline the methods of problem solving (Within your organisation and with external matters) when rectifying problems that may have risen within partnership organisation. Then after feedback methods that organisation adopted including but not limited to performance reviews, team meetings.

· Conclusion

Part 2

Presentation and Feedback

Prepare a Presentation for up to 10-15 minutes covering main points of report done in the previous Part 1 – Written Report task. ( 10-12 slides)

Attach Feedback form

Stakeholder Report Feedback Form
Name: Date:
Statement Strongly Agree Agree Neutral Disagree Strongly Disagree





Assessment Task 3 – Report writing and Research Activity

Assume that you are working for a Government Agency. Your role requires you to interact and connect with many stakeholders.

Part 1: Written Report

Table of contents

Executive summary

You need to summarise the entire report in this section.

Body of the report

· Aims and Objectives

You need to identify the aims of objectives of the report. Some of the objectives can include, but not limited to:

· Outline a communication strategy with key stakeholders

· Identify strategic values of the selected partnership

· Identify benefits and outcomes of selected partnership

· An Overview of the Proposed Strategic Partnership

You need to present an overview of the proposed partnership including (but not limited to):

· Organisation profile

· Purpose

· Key stakeholders etc

· Expected Benefits and Outcomes for Self and For the Organisation

You need to identify and list the expected benefits for self and for the organisation. Examples could include:

· Increased Market Share

· Increased Network

· Referral Opportunities

· Leverage Brand

· Access to expertise

· Additional revenue streams etc.

· Perceived Strategic Values

You need to identify perceived strategic values of proposed partnership. Examples of perceived strategic values could include:

· Shared target market

· Opportunities for additional revenue streams

· Opportunities for access to a larger pool of resources etc.

· Key Stakeholders

You need to identify the key stakeholders in the partnership arrangement. Key Stakeholders can include:

· Top level Management (CEO, CFO)

· Suppliers/Vendors

· Marketing Manager etc.

· Communication Methods and Strategies

You need to outline the communication methods and strategies to develop the partnership. Examples of communication methods and strategies can include:

· E-mail communication

· Face-to-face meetings

· Video-conferencing

· Lunch meetings etc.

· Working in Public Sector in NSW (legislation and protocols)

You need to identify the key legislations and protocols associated with working in the Public Sector. Candidates can consider reporting obligations, confidentiality agreements etc.

· Key legal and policy requirements (including OHS requirements)

You need to outline the key Legislations and Policies associated with forming the strategic partnership.

· Key Principles, Interpersonal, group and inter-agency communication and Conflict resolution in a strategic context, Equal employment opportunity, equity and diversity principles

You need to discuss the key communication and conflict resolution principles in a strategic context related to interpersonal, group and inter-agency interactions.


· Further Resources

You need to attach any additional resources used to develop this report in this section.

· Conclusion

You need to summarise the entire report and reiterate key points in this section.

Part 2: Research Activity


In this part you must establish an online business network that can act as a partnership venture. You may use existing networking tools provided by LinkedIn, Rapportage and Alternatives, Lifograph, Let’s Lunch, Circle Back/Scan BizCards etc to complete this task. Once you complete this task and setting you your online partnership you will need to provide your access login to your trainer/assessor who will check your setup and assess you for this task. Feel free to ask your trainer or refer to any online help tools to complete this task.

You may use wix.com to create a new website for this task for any product that you wish to sell. You can use free templates in wix.com, create a short website and take screenshots that you need to attach along in the assignment.

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