discuss extant literature on video based learning utilizing different video streaming platforms services what video streaming services have been investigated in the literature and what are the affordanc

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Here is the question that I got:

1. Discuss extant literature on video-based learning utilizing different video streaming platforms/services. What video streaming services have been investigated in the literature and what are the affordances and constraints of their usage in education?

Talk about research(books, websites- written literature) that has been written about video based learning when streaming videos. Which video streaming services have already been studied and written about in regard to how they benefit or hold back education.

Ex. Video streaming services- Netflix, Hulu, YouTube, YouTube TV, Prime TV etc.

Describe what streaming is.

2. Discuss potential guiding frameworks of technology adoption (e.g., TPB, TRA, TAM1, 2, 3, UTAUT, etc.) and provide rationale on which framework(s) best fits the purpose of your study. (I will provide you a brief about my research study)

Discuss and define the frameworks and describe the diffences between each. Connect each framework to your research breifely and then identify framework that fits best within your research and describe why it works the best/how it functions within your research. Talk about the benefits and disadvantages of each and

Note: Online engagement- talk about websites just on the internet. Ex. Google scholar, google doc, zoom, skype, Microsoft team, adobe, etc..


– The response should be approximately 18 pages not including references. The response should be double-spaced.

– You can add diagrams to support your answer (with clear explanation)

– APA style paper required

– I will provide you a brief about my research study subject and my research questions as well. So that you can make a connection between your answer and my study.

– In the end, you require to send me all the resources that you used for your answer. However, academic resources are important to use instead of utilizing sites, etc..

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