Discuss Miles Halter’s Eulogy to Alaska Young Writing Assignment (Essay Sample)

Of all the works we have read and discussed this semester, it may be said that John Green’s novel “Looking For Alaska” is the one that young adults can relate to the most. Themes involving friendship, falling in love, mortality, life choices, breaking the rules, suffering, life purpose, etc. are all addressed in this book.
In a (2) paragraph response, discuss Miles Halter’s eulogy to Alaska Young. In your response, you might want to consider the following issues:
• What does Miles’s final essay say about death? About the afterlife? About forgiveness?
• How do you presume Miles will move forward, both personally and in regards to his friendships, following Alaska’s death?
• Has Miles found his Great Perhaps?
• How will Miles move forward out of the labyrinth?
In your answer, please be specific with quotes from the text and display your most sophisticated writing style.


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