discuss your understanding of the human computer interface hci and its effect on the world today 1

Discuss the following (200 word main post; two 75 word response posts):

  • Discuss why HCI is so important to the overall design process.
  • Discuss 1 poor HCI experience that you have had recently.
  • Discuss 1 good HCI experience that you have had recently.
  • Provide substantive comments on the HCI experiences of at least 2 classmates.

Some topics to discuss in your responses to your classmates include the following:

  • Similarities that you and your classmates experience
  • Differences that you and your classmates experience
  • The effect that a good or a poor experience of a classmate has on your opinion of the HCI system

Response needed:

HCI researches on the use of computer technology and how humans interact with computers focusing on the developement and research on the interfaces between human and computers. HCI or Human Computer Interaction does the same.

HCI has impacted world by a significant amount. It has brought many changes in mobile applications and gaming where new operating systems and design as come up. New technologies have come up to connect your laptops/PDAs with other devices which has helped in bringing new products in the market. New Domestic appliances have come up like SMART TV/SMART Refrigerators which can automatically set temperature based on surrondings.

HCI focusses a lot on design of the user interfaces. HCI has introduced a lot of methods to analyze the design process. There are methods like empricial measurement which tests the user interface with real users. HCI keeps in mind all the design features and follows the iterative design process which comprise of

Designing the user interface, Testing the interface, Analyzing results and repeating the same process to follow the best design pratices. HCI also follows lot of methodologies proposed by various researchers like activity theory and value sensitive design approaches which can help users create better designs.

One poor HCI experience which I had recently was on site http://www.gatesnfences.com/. This site UI is not good. If you look at the design it is horrible and colour scheme of the site is not suitable and good. This is a perfect example of a poor HCI design.

One good HCI experience which I had recently was http://mailchimp.com/. This site has clean UI and the design is clean and user friendly. It follows all the best design process.

Response needed:

HCIs are the interaction between the human user and the computer. Technology has become so advanced that many devices are becoming more user friendly. Apples design of the face ID to unlock your phone is a type of interaction between a device and the user. Usability Is so important to make the HCI easy to use. Many people will not take the time to work with something that is difficult which can lead to a poor functionality report from a user. There are factors when designing a user-friendly device or computer. Comfort factors, system functionality, and organization factors are all important when designing a product. A poor HCI experience I had was with a brand-new computer that I bought; I spent a chunk of change on a laptop that was running very slow due to the mechanical hard drive that was part of the hardware. I swapped the hard drive with an 860 EVO SSD and I am now getting the full performance of the machine that I bought. Every year I must pay for tabs on my car and the positive outcome is the kiosk machine they have available at the secretary of state here in Michigan. The interaction and easiness of the machine makes the process simple. The advancement of technology has developers paying more attention to the ease of use on their products that they sell making sure the HCI is simple for all ages. Even though computers are complex most developers are making sure the HCI drives with the ease of use to deliver to different users from different conceptions. Also, vehicles are becoming more advanced as well making phones other gadgets available to use in your vehicle. Self-driving cars were introduced to “limit” accidents that are mostly human error. Over the span of the next 10 years there will be higher sophisticated products that are going to be introduced to provide greater HCI.

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